Painted Floors

  • Posted on October 14, 2013 at 11:26 pm

You can really transform a floor….. Be it a wood floor that is in very poor shape or even a concrete floor.  The key is to prep it well.  That means sanding, cleaning it well and sweeping or wiping up any extra dust.  I recommend a product by Benjamin Moore.  It is an Exterior Latex Wood Paint/Stain.  The two photos I will show samples of are the before and after of a very rough looking concrete floor.  (Also if you are dealing with concrete make sure if you have any moisture problems that the issue is addressed such as a dehumidifier.)  After the floor is clean, brush in around all the edges of the room and in and out of closets or whatever the shape of the room may be.  Roll in the rest.  I did two coats and it covered fantastically.  It took two gallons for the size of this room.  I also snapped off a grid pattern (checkerboard) and taped off opposing squares with blue painters tape that you can get at any Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot or other hardware store.  I then rolled on a coat of a shade or two deeper of the base color  This is time consuming and hard on the legs, but ends up looking quite nice.  You could also come up with other type patterns or a stone look or many other things depending on your level of artistry.  I left this floor with a matte look.  You could also go over with a water based Polyurethane for extra protection or a higher sheen if desired.

floor 1 floor 6

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