Freestyle Theme-Based Art on Walls

  • Posted on October 22, 2013 at 8:38 pm

This is for a very creative Do-It-Yourselfer!  LOL!  A wonderful way to bring in some artwork to a bedroom or possibly a living room or spare room is to take something design wise from your fabric or something very similar that you may find by Googling images on your computer in the graphic category.  In the first picture, I found some unique graphic style art and painted it in the very dark purple color from the fabric.  I freehanded it, but you can always play it safe and sketch out your design with chalk.  Sometimes pencil will work, but you have to be careful with color choices, because you can see pencil through most colors unless they are very dark.  You can also photograph your art on your fabric, blow it up to a larger scale size such as an 8X10 and have a transparency made at somewhere like Office Depot and project the art onto the wall.  In the other example, I freehanded the artwork from the actual bedding and just duplicated the shapes and colors to create my own piece of artwork over the headboard.  This may take some time and a little artistic skill but it makes a much larger statement sometimes to have something uniquely your own instead of store bought artwork.



Mercedes Homes 10-28-2011 005mercedes funky room

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