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Redoing Chairs…..

  • Posted on October 9, 2013 at 8:26 am

Yard sales, consignment shops, and thrift shops are often filled with chairs that might have seen their better days.  Some might be ready for the chair grave yard, and others just need to be cared for and can fit into anyone’s decorating scheme.

You might think that redoing a chair is a major project, that only professionals can do, but truly, anyone can make a piece of furniture look new.  Just how much of an investment of time and money, is up to you.

Some ideas on making an older chair look new:

1.  Slipcover – the quickest way to change the look of a chair is to use a slipcover.  You can purchase pre-made slipcovers at almost any department store, or you can make your own!  Slipcovers are not that hard to make once you have the pattern figured out for your type of chair.

2.  Pillows and Cushions – A new throw pillow, cushion cover, or throw blanket can bring a new look to old chairs.

3.  Paint – Wood and metal chairs can easily be painted with  spray paint.  Make sure you sand away any old and flaking paint and be sure y paint in a well ventilated area.  Sometimes the way to liven up your old furniture is to make it look even older. Distressing furniture is the art of adding the look of age to a furniture piece.  I will cover distressing your furniture in a later post!!  Here is an example of a chair sprayed black (after removing back and fabric covers).  I added a little gold along edges and once you recover with new fabric or have it reupholstered, it looks like a new piece of furniture.

black chair 2

4.  Stripped – Once stripped down, wooden chairs might look better!  A coat of stain or varnish to protect it is recommended.

5. Wrap – For a more casual style slipcover, try draping fabric over the chair, and tying it at the back. It’s easy, easy to update, and looks fantastic.

6. Recover – The most time and resource-consuming option, recovering is a big project but done right, it can make the most run-down chair look brand new again. Make sure any chair you choose to recover has “good bones” – its springs and structural elements should be in good shape.   Also, recovering removable cushions, like those on many dining room chairs, can be as simple as cutting fabric and using a staple gun. For small cushions, you could use cloth napkins to cover – couldn’t be easier!

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